Owned 100% Rolls-Royce, Europea Microfusioni Aerospaziali has its headquarter in Morra De Sanctis, about 120Km far from Naples, in Alta Irpinia. EMA produces and sells blades and vanes manufactured with Nickel and Coblat based superalloys for turbines in aero-engines sectors (civil and military engines), and for power generation sector.
As a leading world player in the investment casting sector, EMA employs about 600 people.

The shareholder Rolls-Royce plc, a multinational company headquartered in London and operates in both civil and military aviation industry, in shipbuilding and in the power generation, is the second largest manufacturer of aircraft engines in the world after General Electric.
Rolls-Royce increased its stake over time, moving in a few years from 33% to 100% of the shares, a clear sign of wanting to strengthen its presence in an important area such as lost-wax casting for the manufacture of the engine components.
In its modern plant in Morra De Sanctis (60,000 square meters, of which more than 20,000 are the shop floor), EMA produces precision castings by means of the production process referred to as “investment casting” or “precision casting”, where the term is reported to the peculiarities of precision achieved on the components, ie the ability of the process to ensure tight tolerances.


The metallurgical difference between the products resides in the grain structure of the component (different arrangement of the grains in space, due to the type of vacuum casting used). Depending on the type of solidification, the products may have a structure of equiaxed grains (isotropic growth in space), or directional (multiple grains that grow along a prevailing direction, axis of the blade) or single crystal (a single grain which grows along a direction preferential, the blade axis). The products (aeronautical and industrial) can also have a highly complex ceramic insert (ceramic core), to obtain an internal cooling cavity or lightening.
From its foundation, EMA has given great importance to the research themes and innovation, critical to constantly improve the manufacturing process and to provide the necessary scientific and technological bases, which then are enhanced over the years by the strong interaction with local and national Universities and Research Centres. EMA is therefore normally dedicated to activities of R&D: the study of the best technologies and of the basic materials for the casting process are oriented to optimize the manufacturing methods in order to generate technological excellence, increasing industrial efficiency and improve its competitiveness in respect with the global competitors.